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Increase store efficiency. Improve the customer experience.  Transform grocery retail operations.

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Enjoy a no-stress, affordable POS system solution.

With 30+ years of technology innovation, CresLane Retail Solutions empower independent grocers to do more, sell more, and save more.

Customer support never felt this good.

Enjoy dedicated, responsive support from grocery retail specialists who understand your business and are here to meet your needs.

Accept any payment and deliver a seamless customer experience.

CresLane POS point of sale system allows you to accept payments of all kinds—EMV, debit, EBT Food, EBT Cash, gift cards, checks, eWIC, and more.

Rest easy knowing you’re always PCI-compliant.

CresLane POS solutions adhere to PCI compliance standards and are certified for direct Fiserv and gateway interfaces.

Easily track—and celebrate—your success.

Make informed business decisions faster with real-time access to your proprietary data and custom reporting and analytics.

Leverage a comprehensive platform suitable for retail networks of any size.

Build your brand and expand with a single, flexible point of sale POS system designed to ensure you fulfill your potential at any scale.

A POS solution that’s easier for everyone.

Increase employee and customer satisfaction with intuitive touch screens that deliver exceptional retail experiences every time.

Free your mind to focus on what matters

Built by grocers for grocers, Free your mind to focus on what matters with CresLane Retail Solutions. Drive efficiency across your entire store network, managing the day-to-day operations so you can spend your time where it’s most valuable.

The CresLane Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with our product, we promise a full reimbursement, covering 100% of the software cost you’ve invested.

Powering Independent Grocers for 30+ Years

Optimize Your Store with Comprehensive Solutions

Streamline store operations and accelerate growth.

Easily implement industry-leading tools, technology, and integrations, including POS system checkout, mobile, enterprise, and self-checkout systems.

Customize your store operations like never before.

Close gaps and build capabilities that suit your store needs with access to an expansive array of integrations and interfaces.

Steer your store in the right direction.

Access comprehensive reports and data extracts to understand your store dynamics. 

Simplify store operations with one easy-to-use platform.

CresLane’s advanced POS system software supports scanner scales, customer displays, signature-capture PIN pads, inventory management, and so much more.


CresLane is built for flexibility, with an expansive array of third-party integrations and interfaces so you can tailor your POS (point of sale) system to your store.

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Independent grocers worldwide enjoy peace of mind with CresLane Retail Solutions.

It’s not about having the best POS system solution for grocery stores. It’s about having the best POS solution for your grocery store.